HBF Sofa

HBF (Hickory Business Furniture) Sofa

HBF (Hickory Business Furniture)

This elegant piece of seating is typical of the Michael Vanderbyl style inspired by early 20th century Art Deco. Tasteful and understated, this sofa is made of wood veneer over MDF and a stainless steel base. It also has a tightback seat & backrest and as side bolsters as well as a subtle stitch detail on the Arc Com upholstery. Rarely ever sat on, this sofa is in flawless condition. Orignal Vanderbyl/HBF brochure included.

HBF Sofa - Front

Item Name: MV-1

Manufacturer: Hickory Business Furniture (HBF)

Designer: Michael Vanderbyl

Dimensions: Height (30″), Width & Depth (33″), Length (84″), Seat Height (17″)

Original Price: $10,023.00

Asking Price: $5,500.00

Age: 5 Years

Condition: Excellent


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