Brunswick Billiards Table ~ Circa 1910

Hand-Hooked Corner Pocket

Brunswick Billiards Table 12' - Solid Mahogony Finish

Billiards Scoreboard

Table Side Detail

Brunswick Billiards Table

We know, We know… it’s not the typical thing that Revision Interiors usually deals with but how could we turn this away. This is a truly spectacular piece.

Exceptional antique billiard table made by Brunswick. Perfect for any specialty games room. Table is circa 1910. 12′ x 6′. 3″ solid thick slate; solid mahogany wood, leather and hand-laced string pockets. All billiard game accoutrements included. This includes cover, cues, balls, racks, scoreboard. Billiard Game poster framed. Cost and responsibility for shipping, dissassemblement, transport, etc. becomes the responsibility of purchaser.

Most professional players will agree that the highest quality pool tables are made by Brunswick Billiards. Established in 1845, Brunswick Pool Tables have been the top choice by professionals and home billiards enthusiasts worldwide. Brunswick produces some of the finest European, Traditional, Arts & Crafts Style and Competition tables available on the market. One look at these tables will have you in awe.

Brunswick’s finer quality points will go a long way. For instance, their SuperSpeed® Cushion banks promise a 96% accurate angle on all shots. Most other pool tables are about 87% accurate to the true angle.

Hand-made in U.S.A.

Designer: Unknown Manufacturer: Brunswick
Dimensions: 12′ | 6′ |
Original Price:  Unknown
Asking Price: $18,500.00 (o.b.o)
Age: 100 years 

Condition: Very Good – Has a beautiful patina that you can only get from a piece of this period.


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