Heath Ceramics – ‘Seaweed’ Rim Style


Edith Heath (1911–2005) founded Heath Ceramics in 1948 after her solo pottery show at San Francisco’s Legion of Honor. She was a talented ceramicist with a great respect for craft and material, and a strong point of view on the product that her company would make — simple, good things for good people.

Edith’s passion for ceramics led to advances in clay and glaze development, which secured Heath its unique place in ceramics history. Her pieces were designed to enjoy a single kiln firing, at a lower than normal temperature, thus saving energy, while remarkably producing a durable and non-porous product. This Great Depression mentality motivated her to design and produced long-lasting products with integrity, in a responsible manner.

Today, over sixty years later, Heath Ceramics is considered among the most enduring examples of mid-century design. Found in restaurants, homes and museums worldwide, our name is synonymous with simple, functional and thoughtfully designed tableware and tile. As well, many of Edith’s original pieces live in the permanent collections of museums such as the MOMA and LACMA.

Heath Ceramics iconic tableware and tile are still made in small runs on the premises of our Sausalito, California factory, just as they have been since 1948. They employ fifty craftspeople to produce high quality, durable pieces that blur the line between everyday objects and family heirlooms.

Their ceramics continue to be — and will always be — made beautifully, thoughtfully, and locally.

Heathware Seaweed Rim Style

Original Price: $758.50 + tax

Asking Price: $550.00 

Item Description Number Price Total
205 Mugs 2 $22.25 $44.50
320 Sugar (small ramekin) 1 $15.00 $15.00
116 Cream 1 $15.00 $15.00
420 Soup/Salad/Pasta 7 ½” 5 $26.75 $133.75
410 Soup Bowl 1 $26.75 $26.75
322 Large Stack Bowl 5 ½” 6 $26.75 $160.50
403 Salad Plate 4 $28.50 $114.00
404 Dinner Plate 4 $34.75 $139.00
406 Large Platter 1 $80.00 $80.00

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