For Sale: Beautiful ‘Keramik’ Table by M.D.F – Made in Italy

Product: Keramik
Manufacturer: MDF Italia > 
Designer: Bruno Fattorini
Year: 2004

‘Keramik’ characterized by the top in laminated ceramic. Suitable for outdoor use. STRUCTURE Frame and legs in matt lacquered aluminium, finished in anthracite grey, light grey, medium grey and white. Invisible joints. (Any material left outside, even if properly treated, can have superficial molecular and colour changes during its lifetime.) TOPS The built-in tops are made of glass panels and a plate of laminated ceramic. Thickness 3 mm . Satin finish in light grey, . A patented panel from MDF Italia (patent pending). Laminated ceramic features uniquely peculiar technical characteristics thanks to the innovative methods of ceramic treatment and production (laminated-porcelainized thin gres). • Extreme surface hardness (comparable to topaz) and high bending strength. • Resistant to stains, water, detergents and acids. • Not inflammable, reaction to fire: class 0. • Inalterability of the chromatic characteristics. • It doesn’t release toxic substances and there is no warping if heated with open flame.

Original Price: $6,105.00

Asking Price: $2,950.00 (or very best offer)

Condition: Very Good – A few small chips on the frame