***NEW PRICE*** Edra ‘Damier’ Leather Articulating Sofa

‘Damier’ Sofa by Edra – (one of 2 elements shown)

Edra ‘Damier’ Sofa (both elements shown)

Edra ‘Damier’ Sofa

‘Damier’ Sofa by Edra. This Italian, steel framed articulating sofa is great for a space that requires a low profile piece. The articulating pieces have several settings and gives you a great deal of comfort options. This piece is great for those of you with a view that you do not wish to obstruct as well as a play room – for adults or children! Colour: warm grey – 2 Elements available sold as set.

Made in Italy

Designer: Francesco Binfaré Manufacturer: Edra
Dimensions:  1.25cm x 1.25cm x 33cm (Seat Height). The height of back when elements placed in an upright position is 73cm.
Original Price:  $ 15,000.00 (2 elements)
Asking Price:   $ 5,400.00 ***NEW PRICE***
Age: 5 years                                                 Condition: Excellent


2 thoughts on “***NEW PRICE*** Edra ‘Damier’ Leather Articulating Sofa

    • revisioninteriors says:

      Hi Werner,

      I’m not sure if you received my last email as I didn’t hear back from you. If you are still interested in this piece, it is still available.

      Where are you located?



      Revision Interiors – 604 377 5409

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