Satia ‘High-Low’ Tibetian Highland Sheeps Wool Rug – 12′ x 9′


About Satia:

Satia Art & Floor was established in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada and is operated by Bijan Koukpari. Bijan has been in the handmade carpet business since 1976, first at his father’s Persian Carpet Import company in Germany and from 1981 to 1996 in his own Carpet Import company in Frankfurt, Germany.

These years of experience are being used to innovate new products and to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction. Since 1998, Satia Art & Floor has experimented in using Mohair and Cashmere in Tibetan Carpets. By now, these royal fibers are being used routinely to produce exclusive carpets of extraordinary quality.

Satia Art & Floor is using Cashmere, Mohair, Silk and selected grades of Sheep-wool to provide the right choice for each client, and with the installation of an effective inspection system at the manufacturing facilities of the carpets any order is guaranteed to meet our exceptionally high standards.

Design values

Fibre texture and timeless design combine to create a unique and long-living rug. Our rugs are created with the Tibetan hand knotting system with Tibetan sheep wool. Selected hand washed and hand carded wool provide a color variation from dark silver to gold in the base of the hand spun yarn, so that it will generate a remarkable texture after the dye. The knotting system allows the yarn to hold itself to the structure by a knot and therefore the carpet can be washed without being dissolved. Which is very important for a long term maintenance.

Each produced carpet will be a charismatic and unique piece, although custom produced under the schematic of an industrial order form. A balanced contrast to the perfect industrially produced furniture. The texture of the carpets could also be compared to the texture of wood, in the sense that the texture of a wooden table would never be exactly the same as any other wooden table. Its beauty lies in its uniqueness.

Quality of Fibres

Tibetan sheep wool is naturally more soil resistant and more durable than other sheep wool. The sheep in Tibet have to withstand enormous temperature fluctuations during a year, which result in soft and strong fibres. If treated well, Satia carpets will easily survive the generation of its buyer.

Wool Expulsion: Due to lower twist count of the handspun yarn, the carpets shed for a period of time. Either until all loose wool fibers above the knot are off the carpet or until remaining wool fibers above the knot felt. The felting process may take up to 2 years. The wool expulsion depends on the usage of the carpet; a rule of thumb is 4 to 6 months. During this time the carpet may gain a little on luster. Wool expulsion should be removed with routine vacuuming. All remaining hairs which are going through the knot will enjoy a long stay.

Original Price:: $4,212.00

Asking Price:: $ 2,800.00 firm

Condition:: Excellent (barely used)