**NEW PRICE** MDF ‘Arch’ Sofa – Size: 292cm x 91cm $3,500.00

Wendi Klein MDF Sofa

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 6.35.54 PM
‘Arch’ sofa designed by Jean Marie-Massaud manufactured by Italian  MDF Italia. The model is characterized by the thin arch-shaped frame from aluminium in Semigloss white. Upholstered in MDF textile from the company portfolio. A lovely piece.
Dimensions: 292cm x 91cm (depth)
Details: Frame: Metal
Upholstery: Textiles as shown above (first photo is the actual piece) very neutral fabric ‘Tanis’ 221

Condition: Excellent – very lighted used. Was not used as a primary sofa.

Age: 8 years old

Original Price: $11,676.00

NEW Asking Price: $3,500.00 (or best offer)


Flexform ‘Groundpiece’ Sofa’s (x2)


The unrivaled bestseller of all FLEXFORM production, GROUNDPIECE has revolutionized the concept of the sofa, introducing new proportions and measurements. It is comfortably deep, particularly low, and originally deconstructed with large goosedown cushions. GROUNDPIECE has changed our way of sitting on a sofa, making it more informal, adaptable to new uses. It is based on the awareness that functions are linked to new actions and behaviors. On a sofa you can read, rest, watch TV, but also work with a computer, or even eat dinner. This is why low metal storage units covered in cowhide can be inserted in the structure, replacing part of the back or armrest to provide useful counter space. The rather passé decorum of formal seating is swept away by GROUNDPIECE, in favor of a more comfortable, relaxed sitting position. GROUNDPIECE makes a clean break with clichés. For infinite combinations, a range of components can transform it into a sofa, an ottoman, a chaise longue, a storage unit.


Sofa 1

Sofa Element:  1 x 1M03 200cm x 97cm – Fabric: ‘Twist’ Colour: 453

Arms: 2 x 1M71 97cm x 24cm – Fabric: ‘Twist’ Colour: 453

Cushions w/roll: 2 x 1M99 – Fabric: ‘Twist’ Colour: 453

Sofa 2

Sofa Element:  1 x 1M03 200cm x 97cm – Fabric: ‘Tiglio’ Colour: 603

Arms: 2 x 1M71 97cm x 24cm – Fabric: ‘Tiglio’ Colour: 603

Cushions w/roll: 2 x 1M99 – Fabric: ‘Tiglio’ Colour: 603

Original Price:: $ 9,582.00 ea.

Asking Price:: $4,800.00 ea. o.b.o

Condition:: Excellent – barely used.

***Note*** – Client is prepared to sell sofa’s seperately



For Sale: Flos ‘Skygarden’ 1 (Medium) by Marcel Wanders (60cm Diameter) – Colour: Gold




skygarden detail


In my former house I had a fabulous antique decorated plaster ceiling. I called it my Skygarden, it always looked good even without me having green fingers or taking care of it very well. It didn’t need water or sun but would live only on the warm rays of the electrical light under it.
I loved it so much that by the time I moved houses I could not leave it. I had to find a way to take it to my new home.
I took my tools and stole it from the ceiling. This fabulous piece of history is now secretly hidden in a minimalist architectural sphere in the heart of my new home where I can enjoy it with friends.

Designed 2007 for Flos..Marcel Wanders

Original Price: $3,200.00

Asking Price: $2,100.00 o.b.o

Condition: Excellent




For Sale: Beautiful ‘Keramik’ Table by M.D.F – Made in Italy

Product: Keramik
Manufacturer: MDF Italia > 
Designer: Bruno Fattorini
Year: 2004

‘Keramik’ characterized by the top in laminated ceramic. Suitable for outdoor use. STRUCTURE Frame and legs in matt lacquered aluminium, finished in anthracite grey, light grey, medium grey and white. Invisible joints. (Any material left outside, even if properly treated, can have superficial molecular and colour changes during its lifetime.) TOPS The built-in tops are made of glass panels and a plate of laminated ceramic. Thickness 3 mm . Satin finish in light grey, . A patented panel from MDF Italia (patent pending). Laminated ceramic features uniquely peculiar technical characteristics thanks to the innovative methods of ceramic treatment and production (laminated-porcelainized thin gres). • Extreme surface hardness (comparable to topaz) and high bending strength. • Resistant to stains, water, detergents and acids. • Not inflammable, reaction to fire: class 0. • Inalterability of the chromatic characteristics. • It doesn’t release toxic substances and there is no warping if heated with open flame.

Original Price: $6,105.00

Asking Price: $2,950.00 (or very best offer)

Condition: Very Good – A few small chips on the frame

For Sale: ‘Calice’ Side Table by Piero Lissoni for Glas Italia – Made in Italy – $950

‘Calice’ Table Size 2 – Designed by Piero Lissoni for Glas Italia. Immaculate condition-no scratches.

Description :

Round low tables available in two heights with top and and foot in tempered mm 8 thick black lacquered glass. The base is in shaped blown glass, with decorations engraved on the surface.

Characteristics :
Lacquered black top and base
Blown glass with decoration base 

Dimensions :

Size 2
Diameter 5
0 cm
Height 44 cm

Original Price:  $ 1,643.00

Asking Price: $ 950.00

Condition: Immaculate

Philippe Starck ‘Sarapis’ Stool Made by Driade

Product description

Tubular steel frame painted anthracite grey and steel mesh seat with same finish. Available in a low version for tables H. 90 or a tall version for counters H. 110. Indoor use only.

overall dimension
35 cm
overall dimension
46.5 cm
overall dimension
87 cm
Seat dimensions
Height of seat
62 cm

Material:  Steel

Original Price: $800.00 per chair

Asking Price: $480 ea. 

Condition: Excellent